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Don’t Fall Victim to Payment Scams!

scam protectEach year, thousands of utility customers across North America lose millions of dollars to scams. To combat the scammers, electric, gas and water utilities have united to raise awareness, educate and protect people against scams.

In recognition of “Utility Scam Awareness Day” on November 14, PSE&G reminds you to be alert to scams – particularly scams demanding immediate bill payment via a prepaid credit card.

Here’s how one common payment scam works:

  • Someone pretending to be a PSE&G employee calls and threatens to shut off service unless they receive immediate payment with a prepaid credit card. The caller ID may even mimic PSE&G’s customer service number.
  • Customers are given a telephone number to call back after they have purchased the card. When they call that number, they may hear voice prompts that imitate the real PSE&G customer service line.
  • When a fake representative answers the line, they ask for the prepaid card code on the back of the card or on the receipt. Scammers then take the money from the card - usually within a matter of minutes.

Protect yourself. Be cautious when contacted by someone threatening service termination if they do not receive immediate payment with a prepaid credit card. Hang up and call the PSE&G number listed on our website or on your bill.

You should know:

  • PSE&G alerts customers in a number of ways before terminating service: messages on bills, letters and phone calls.
  • PSE&G would never require a customer to use one specific type of payment.
  • When PSE&G calls a customer, we can provide customer-specific information including the account name, address, number and current balance.
When in doubt, hang up and call the number listed on PSE&G’s website and bills:
1-800-436-PSEG (7734). For more information, visit

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