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PSE&G Reminds You to Reduce Electrical Hazards

safety firstAs the weather gets warmer and people prepare swimming pools, sprinkler systems and other summer activities, PSE&G reminds you to pay attention to common hazards that could cause electrocution. May is National Electrical Safety Month.

“Safety is always our top priority. We want people to enjoy the comforts and convenience of electricity while avoiding potential hazards,” said Jack Bridges, PSE&G vice president of electric operations. “This is the perfect time of year to perform routine checks in homes to prevent electrical shocks, injuries and fires.”

Created by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), this year’s safety month theme is “Understand the Code that Keeps Us Safe,” which promotes the importance of the National Electrical Code and offers tips for preventing common tragedies such as electric shock drowning. Every year, people suffer paralysis and then drown after getting in pools, hot tubs or other water sources that carry electric current from faulty wiring.

How to Avoid Electric Shock Drowning:

  • Locate and label all power switches to pool, hot tub, spa equipment and lighting.
  • Make sure all pools, hot tubs and spas are at least 25 feet from power lines.
  • All wiring work and repairs should be performed by a qualified electrician.
  • Have a qualified electrician inspect your pool, spa or hot tub annually.
  • Install GFCIs (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters), which can prevent electrocution, on all receptacles within 20 feet of water’s edge.

If You See Electric Shock Drowning:

  • Do not enter or touch the water.
  • Turn off source of power.
  • Call 911.
  • Only try to attempt to remove the victim from the water if you have a properly insulated device (such as a fiberglass rescue crook).
PSE&G has important electric safety tips and a safety education program for children on To learn more about electrical hazards and how to use electricity safely, visit

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