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Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day

Key Points
  • Energy Efficiency Day is held each year on October 5th to raise awareness about conservation.
  • It helps individuals and businesses save energy by educating them on efficiency techniques.
  • Observe the day by reducing energy use in your organization and encouraging others to do so.
  • Make every day Energy Efficiency Day with Ameren Illinois cash incentives.

Energy Efficiency DayEnergy is such a critical resource, it should have its own day in the spotlight. That's the reason behind Energy Efficiency Day. Celebrated each year on October 5th, Energy Efficiency Day is a collaboration between national and regional organizations, businesses and individuals to promote the benefits of conserving energy. The goals are to:

  • Raise awareness of the energy issues we all face and what we can do to fix them.
  • Help individuals and businesses save money through education on efficiency techniques.
  • Unite people who are passionate about cutting energy waste and conserving resources.

The day is designed to promote the idea that energy efficiency is the fastest and cheapest way to cut energy costs, increase energy independence and reduce pollution.

Five ways to save

How can you help? Start by taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of your organization. Here are some tips:

  1. Switch to LEDs. If you're using conventional fluorescent or high-intensity discharge (HID) lights in your facility, now's a great time to switch to LEDs. They offer higher energy efficiency, longer rated life and improved light quality.
  2. Space conditioning efficiency. Hire a qualified professional to inspect your heating and cooling systems once a year to ensure peak performance. Also, install programmable thermostats to automatically adjust building temperatures to save energy and ensure comfort.
  3. Check your building envelope. Inspect doors and windows for leaks and seal with weatherstripping or caulk. Also, make sure wall and roof insulation meets levels recommended in ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings.
  4. Pull the plug on plug loads. Many electronic devices continue to use power, even when no one's using them. Employ power management settings and advanced power strips on computers and office equipment to power down equipment. Occupancy sensors can reduce energy use for vending machines.
  5. Go with the low flow. Install water-efficient shower heads and faucet aerators to reduce the amount of hot water used for showers and hand washing. You'll save energy and conserve water as well.

Get the word out

TeamEnergy efficiency is too important to keep to yourself. Educate your staff, customers and suppliers about the importance of conserving energy and reducing our impact on the environment. Here's what you can do:

  • Form an energy team with representatives from different departments to set energy-saving goals, implement efficiency projects and promote energy efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Communicate to employees and other stakeholders about how your organization uses energy, what it costs and the positive effects of saving energy. Meet regularly to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency.
  • Create incentives to encourage people to use less energy and suggest ideas to improve efficiency. Hold competitions among staff or departments and reward winners.

The Energy Efficiency Day website provides materials and resources you can use to raise awareness about energy conservation and improve the efficiency of your organization all year long.

Make Every Day Energy Efficiency Day!

Want to make every day Energy Efficiency Day?  Start with a meeting with an Ameren Illinois Energy Advisory! An Ameren Illinois Energy Advisor can help you locate areas within your building or facility that can not only reduce your energy consumption, but lower your utility bill as well. An Energy Advisor can meet with you to discuss your energy goals, do a walk- through of your building, discuss upcoming energy saving projects and let you know what cash incentives are available to you through the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency program.   

These incentives may help to reduce your payback period by weeks or even months! To schedule a FREE meeting with an Energy Advisor, call 1.866.800.0747 or visit

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