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INFOGRAPHIC: Roadmap to Energy Efficiency

Roadmap to Energy Efficiency

You want to better manage your energy use, but getting there is difficult. This guide will help ease your journey by charting some of the most important points along the way.

Check under the hood.

Before you start, use ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to benchmark your energy performance. Hire a qualified energy auditor to inspect your facility. The targeted energy-saving recommendations will point you in the right direction.

Get a tune up.

Keep your HVAC running at top performance with an annual inspection and cleaning by a qualified professional. Regularly calibrate building controls to keep up with the season and your operating schedule.

Hit the lights.

An LED upgrade can really help light the way to lower operating costs. LEDs use less energy end last longer than conventional lamps. By adding controls, you'll also put the brakes on energy wasted lighting empty spaces.

Watch your speed.

Motors typically run at one speed, while the equipment they operate often runs faster or slower. This wastes energy. Installing variable frequency drives puts you in the driver's seat, adjusting motor speed according to need.

Toot your own horn.

You've made a lot of progress – don't keep it to yourself. By achieving LEED or ENERGY STAR building certification, you'll help publicize your commitment to saving energy and reducing your environmental impact.

You’re on the right path, but don’t stop now. Energy management is an ongoing process of setting goals, assessing performance and tracking progress. For more information, see Guidelines for Energy Management.
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