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Heating System Comparison Calculator

This calculator enables you to compare the cost to operate various heating systems, as well as the cost to operate the same system under different rate structures, or rate discount programs. Since there is considerable variation in home energy use data (quality of construction, insulation values, number of windows, building tightness, set operating temperatures, and so on), this tool should only be used to provide a rough estimate of energy use for the different heating options.

Before You Begin

You'll need the following pieces of information to complete the calculator.

  • Square footage of your home
  • Your current electric (kWh), natural gas (ccf/therm) or liquid fuel costs as found on recent utility bills
  • Efficiency ratings (HSPF, COP, AFUE) of the heating systems to compare - typical values are provided for reference; check nameplate specifications, the owner’s manual, or ask a sales person for specific ratings

Describe Your Home

sq ft

Heating Systems to Compare    Understanding Energy Terms

  System/Rate A System/Rate B
Efficiency Rating:    
Electric Cost: $ /kWh $ /kWh

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