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Do You Have Energy Hogs in Your Office?

Key Points
  • Office equipment costs U.S. businesses more than $6 billion a year in energy costs.
  • You can save money through a combination of operational improvements and low-cost upgrades.
  • ENERGY STAR rated office equipment is more energy efficient than conventional products.
Office copier
Did you know that office equipment is the fastest growing energy user in commercial buildings, costing U.S. businesses more than $6 billion a year? The biggest energy consumers in a typical office are computers, printers, and copiers, and much of that energy use is wasted. You can save energy and money through a combination of low-cost upgrades and operational improvements.

  • Turn off equipment when not in use. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce energy waste. 
  • Turn off screen savers. Contrary to popular belief, screen savers waste energy by keeping computers active.
  • Switch to laptops. When upgrading computers, consider purchasing laptop models. Today's laptops can perform most office-related tasks while using significantly less energy.
  • Use power-management settings. Many computers, printers, and copiers are left on all day but see little use. You can save a significant amount of energy by using power-management settings. On average, a desktop computer uses 95 percent less energy in sleep mode.
  • Share printers. Printers use a surprising amount of energy, especially when there is one in every office. Network printers so multiple employees can share them. This will save on operating costs and reduce paper waste.
  • Unplug chargers. Battery chargers for laptops, phones, and other equipment continue to draw power when they are not in use.
  • Use a power strip. Printers, copiers, and other office equipment continue to draw power when they are turned off or in sleep mode. On nights and weekends, shut off power to multiple devices using power strips. 

Give your office ENERGY STAR quality  

When you purchase new computers and office equipment, make sure it is ENERGY STAR rated for energy-efficient performance. ENERGY STAR computers, displays, and imaging equipment uses less energy than standard models. 

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