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Natural Gas Fire Ring Pits Are Hot

gas fire pit
Fire rings have long been a focal point of human social interaction. Today, landscape architects and other designers have rediscovered the lure of fire pits and they're incorporating these features into the design of outdoor living spaces. Because of the many options available, fire pits or rings help create a custom space for the discerning home buyer. They also help extend the outdoor entertaining season.

Convenient and safe

Natural gas fire pits remain popular because of their convenience and safety; two qualities home buyers look for in an outdoor heating device. Unlike wood-burning fire pits, natural gas units burn clean; there are no logs, ashes or soot to deal with.

The chance of an accidental fire or burn injury is minimal since a natural gas fire pit doesn't produce live embers or random sparks. There's also less risk of explosion and fire compared with propane fire pits. Other advantages include:

  • No propane tanks that require refilling.
  • Electronic ignition at the push of a button (available in many models).
  • Fewer harmful emissions produced compared to propane units.
  • Non-stop heat and fire experience, since the unit is hooked to a gas pipeline.

These advantages usually outweigh the higher cost and lower efficiency of gas fire pits compared with wood-burning and propane units.

Design options

With the increasing demand for customization, home buyers want unique outdoor spaces. Natural gas fire pits help provide a custom look because they come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, stone, copper, granite and concrete. Reinforced concrete is also available, which reduces the weight of the fire pit by two thirds compared with conventional concrete while maintaining the same strength.

Fire pits come in a variety of sizes and shapes, designed for all budgets. They can be round, square, rectangular, hexagon and octagon. Custom-designed shapes are also possible. Toppers come in several materials, including glass, lava rock and treated river stones. Several manufacturers now offer eco-glass, which is made of post-industrial glass melted down and dyed to achieve brilliant colors. Some gas fire pits are equipped to cook food or can be instantly converted to a large grill.

The more durable, weather-resistant ring burners are made with stainless steel pipe. The Btus are determined by pipe size and distance of pipe run, with heat outputs up to 60,000 Btu. Common sizes of fire pit rings range from 12 to 36 inches in diameter.

Be sure to check with local fire officials since some jurisdictions limit open-pit fires, but do allow controlled natural gas or propane flames.

An unforgettable backyard experience

Gas fire pits can be designed as a permanent extension of the patio, enhancing the home's style and outdoor landscaping and even increasing its value. Recessed fireboxes built into the ground add drama to a water feature like a pool.

Natural gas fire pits help create a memorable backyard experience for any outdoor gathering. Builders should offer these as options to the home buyer.