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5 Kitchen Trends Impacting Home Design

Key Points
  • Homeowners want kitchens with connectivity, sustainability and ease of use.
  • Natural gas appliances are becoming smarter with Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control.
  • Cooking like a professional is possible with natural gas ranges having dual-flame burners.

modern ktichenWhat's the latest in home kitchen design? Based on interviews with kitchen and food experts, as well as a global survey of kitchen and bath retailers, Surfacing Cosentino and the Silestone Institute found five major trends.

1. Connectivity is key

More than 70 percent of the retailers surveyed believe the most important feature is connectivity, which will eventually be fully embedded to the point where homeowners won’t notice it's even there. Users will increasingly want their appliances to be smart, connecting to the internet, their mobile devices and to each other. Synched cooking appliances will allow all dishes and sides to be perfectly cooked simultaneously.

Gas appliances are becoming smarter. Gas ovens have Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and gas furnaces also can automatically communicate and coordinate with a other home systems.

2. Sustainability is here to stay

Sustainability was also near the top of the list, with 64 percent saying they thought energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures would play an important role in future kitchens. Half also believe smart waste management is an important kitchen issue.

ENERGY STAR® products meet these needs, including gas-fueled tankless water heaters, which use up to 40 percent less energy than traditional electric tank units. Tankless units also produce less waste in landfills because of their compact design, longer product lifespan and recyclable parts. Tankless unit capacity is large enough to handle both showers and dishwasher operation at the same time.

3. Ease of use for all

As the popularity of aging-in-place rises and kitchens become increasingly multi-generational, kitchen design will trend toward comfort and ease for users at all stages of life. In addition to adjustable countertop heights and smart lighting, kitchen appliances must be simple to use. Natural gas ranges already come with control panels that activate with one simple touch and continuous gas grates for moving heavy pots and pans from burner to burner without lifting.

4. Going professional

The internet and cooking TV channels have opened up the world to professional cooking methods. Commercial-style gas ranges are available in a wide range of options, including four or six burners, dual-flame burners, larger grated burner plates and controls with easy-to-use touchscreens. These features help bring the tools of restaurant chefs into the homeowner's kitchen. Commercial-style gas ranges also come in brightly colored finishes, another hot trend.

5. More than just cooking

The kitchen is quickly becoming an open, integrated living space connected to family and dining rooms. Even 20 years from now, the kitchen will mainly be used for hanging out with friends and family. Eating, watching TV and surfing the internet were also top activities. This may require changing the layout of the kitchen and the entire home.

What better way to make the kitchen feel more comfortable for hanging out than a natural gas fireplace? These fireplaces come with programmable remote controls, making it easier to create a relaxing, warm and cozy environment for guests at the touch of a button.