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Fuel Operating Cost Comparison Calculator

Fuel Cost Calculator

The cost of fuel is ever fluctuating, which can greatly affect your facility’s operating costs. Use the Fuel Operating Cost Comparison Calculator to easily compare fuel costs to operate electric, natural gas, propane, or heating oil equipment.

To begin, select the fuels you want to compare (Electric, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, and Propane). Then change the default values in the Price of Fuel and Equipment Efficiency fields as needed. Click the Show Comparison button to find out which fuel is best suited to meet the needs of your facility.

Fuels to Compare
Price of Fuel  $/kWh  
(e.g. $0.10/kWh)
(e.g. $1.10/ccf)
(e.g. $2.80/gal)
(e.g. $2.10/gal)
Equipment Efficiency* %   %   %   %  
* Equipment Efficiency is defined as energy output divided by energy input.

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